Since 1971, we Nippon RAD have been providing
the best service and technology to customers
as "your IT family doctor".

Let's Get Started with RAD-IoT

Let us support you in incorporating IoT with our one-stop service & management.

Improve Production Efficiency

OEE improvement brings increase in both productivity and profit.

Product Quality Improvement

Get rid of defects by using Big Data and traceability management tool.

Achieve Cost Reduction

Reduce intensity, save more time and money.

IoT Solution

"Site Visualization" is no longer our goal, let's go further. We are sure of our individual fine-tuning and consulting skills, and here are some more...

  • From information acquisition to data utilization: all in one spot!
  • High edge computing technology which leads to great cost performance.
  • Small-start or full-scale? Anytime and as much as you need, it's up to you!

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Enterprise Solution

There are numerous kinds of industries and business nowadays.

Nippon RAD has been meeting the needs of our sites by providing enterprise solution among various industries.

Let us offer you our best solution by making use of our experience and brand-new technology.